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We provide a unique way for women athletes and companies to elevate each other. Here are some cool things that have already happened on The Pivot.

Rec Room + Ali Riley and Rosie White

Rec Room is a leisure-wear brand for the modern, on-the-go woman. While adding new products to their line over the past year, they have been focused on telling their brand story alongside diverse women. Rec Room has partnered with Ali Riley and Rosie White, pro soccer players who play on the New Zealand National Team together, as two of their newest “Rec Roommates” – they’ve featured Ali on their social media as well as in their “Summer of Comfort” campaign, and will be profiling the duo’s experiences on and off the field in the coming months.

Learn From A Chef + Casey Danielson and Christina McHale

Learn From A Chef runs live, online cooking classes taught by Michelin Star chefs who have not been able to work due to COVID-19. Learn From A Chef partnered with pro tennis player, Christina McHale, and pro golfer, Casey Danielson, to raise awareness for its mission. The athletes took online classes and documented their experiences live on Instagram to increase traffic to the nonprofit’s social media account, which is the primary source of their new signups.

Kapwing + Monique Billings

Kapwing is a technology company that builds tools to help people create and edit digital content - YouTube videos, images, GIFs, etc. WNBA player Monique Billings worked with Kapwing to develop the first video of her YouTube series "Wubble Life", which she is creating in collaboration with renowned media properties, House of Highlights and Highlighter, to give the public an inside look at the 2020 WNBA season. Monique mentioned her partnership with Kapwing in her first video and also included a custom "swipe up" in her Instagram story so her followers would be directed to the tools she used to make her content.

Gorongosa Coffee + Paige Nielsen

Gorongosa Coffee is a mission-driven brand: 100% of its profits from its specialty roasts support girls’ education and wildlife conservation for the communities in Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. Gorongosa is building its strategy for its upcoming campaign for the United Nations' International Day of the Girl and wanted to partner with diverse women who align with their mission. They have recently solidified a partnership with pro soccer player Paige Nielsen who is passionate about girls’ empowerment. Paige will be featured in Gorongosa’s upcoming campaign, which will include social media and speaking on a virtual panel.
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