Frequently Asked Questions
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What is The Pivot?

The Pivot is an online platform which facilitates mutually beneficial partnerships between professional women athletes and companies. Our goal is to elevate women athletes who want to build their influence beyond their sports and organizations who want to amplify their values while growing their business.

We also include certain benefits for athletes who are members of our community, including online resources and office hours with experts.

I’m a retired athlete, can I join?
Yes! Your influence as an elite athlete and the unique value that you can bring from your experiences doesn’t expire once you stop playing. In fact, stepping away from the game will likely give you some additional perspective that’s meaningful!
I have an agent, can I join?
Yes! We view The Pivot as a great compliment to the work that you do with an agent. We’re planning to implement a setup process for agents to create profiles on behalf of athletes. If you’re an agent and have questions about The Pivot, feel free to reach out to us.
Is The Pivot an agent?
No, we are not an agency and do not represent athletes.
How much does it cost to be a member of The Pivot?
It is free to be a member of The Pivot! The only time that you pay is when you engage in a partnership which was facilitated by The Pivot - this occurs once you sign an agreement with a company through our platform. As a reminder, you are obligated to pay this one-time “opportunity fee” as a member of The Pivot community, as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.
What should I include in my profile?

When you’re setting up your profile, you’ll be asked to provide details from both your on field and off field experiences. You should include whatever highlights you think represent your unique identity - elite events/championships/teams you’ve been a part of, hobbies that interest you, businesses you’ve started, creative outlets, languages you speak...the options are endless. And remember to include photos to bring everything to life!

As you sign up, you’ll be provided an example profile that we’ve created, so we suggest modeling your profile after that for optimal results.

I indicated I was interested in an opportunity. Now what happens?
Once you express interest in an opportunity, the company will review your profile and respond if they would like to work with you. In this response (which you will see in your “Inbox” in your dashboard) they will propose several meeting times to discuss your work together. Your next step will be to respond with the time that best works for you.
How quickly should I respond to inbound requests that I get from organizations?
ASAP! We recommend responding within two business days to each request. Getting in touch with interested companies as soon as possible will help you take advantage of more opportunities.
Am I obligated to accept every request that comes my way?
No. We understand that not every opportunity will be aligned with your goals, schedule or current contract obligations.
When and how do I get paid?
You will coordinate directly with each company to manage your compensation for each opportunity. The Pivot does not facilitate payment between athletes and companies.
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