Looking to do something cool?
We empower athletes and companies to discover ways to work together through our online platform.
1. Discover

If you’re a company, create an account and select opportunities you want to accomplish with The Pivot. Based on the criteria you choose, you’ll see athletes that are open to working with you. You can then indicate you’re interested in teaming up with them on a project.

If you’re an athlete, you can also search companies in our community and reach out to them once you create a profile. You can explore other athletes on The Pivot to collaborate with on opportunities, too.

2. Connect

Athletes and companies will be notified when they receive a request for an opportunity and can choose to accept or deny the request. Upon acceptance, we connect the athlete and company over our messaging tool so you can directly work out the details of the project.

3. Execute

We provide an agreement template that documents expectations for each project. Once the agreement is signed by both the athlete and company, we facilitate the payment process so that all you have to worry about is doing cool things, together.

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